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A glossary of inside jokes and references from the Bob Does Sports show

August 15, 2023
Last updated: December 3, 2023

Bob Does Sports (BDS) has meteorically risen into the top tier of YouTube and Instagram golf content like a rocketship. Like other golf channels, the BDS crew performs wild challenges, busts each other’s balls, and explores interesting golf venues while occasionally playing with popular professional golfers. Bob’s “everyman” relatability, good vibes, and quick wit set the stage for a great time on the golf course.

That being said, real fans know the BDSCU (Bob Does Sports Cinematic Universe) is deeper and more nuanced than it appears on the surface. It’s been said that the show is a food & cuisine channel disguised as a golf show. Meals are discussed almost as much as golf shots. Bob’s obsession with bagels is legendary, along with his penchant for caesar wraps. These guys weren’t golf influencers from day one; they were normal wage earners like the rest of us, who recently found social media notoriety. Their collective background is a colorful and frequent topic on both BDS and the BDS Podcast. In fact, Bob Does Sports didn’t even start off as a golf show. It revolved around sports travel, chronicling huge sporting events and doing man-on-the-street interviews. Once they realized how popular their golf content was, the gang focused on it full time.

While the show is very approachable to new viewers, there's a lot to get caught up on. How did they get those nicknames? What's up with the Links at Victoria? Who is Leland? That's what the glossary is for.

I'm positive there's a ton I forgot, so let me know what to add.

Bob Does Sports crew

  • Bob
    • Real name: Robby Berger
    • Nicknames: Bobby Fairways, Bobby Flatsticks, Back-9 Bob, Bobby Birdies, Bobby Bogies, Big Game Bob
    • Social: Twitter / Instagram
      The captain of the ship. Grew up in Randolph, NJ, and then played baseball at FDU-Florham. Worked in hospitality, first at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami, then at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles. Started as a front desk agent, and was eventually promoted to manager of guest services, managing 50 employees. Started the BrilliantlyDumb show, and later Bob Does Sports. Lover of good bagels, Caesar salads, and Rao’s restaurant. Favorite booze is tequila.
  • Joey Cold Cuts
    • Real name: Joseph Demare
    • Nicknames: Joe, Cutsy, Giuseppe D, Josephine, Joey Da, Da, Peter, Joey Cacti, The Codfather
    • Social: Instagram
      Bull in a China shop. From Vancouver, Canada. Has dual citizenship. Was restaurant manager at the Los Angeles Four Seasons while Bob worked there, and they became friends and played golf. Joey appeared early and often on the BrilliantlyDumb show. French bulldog owner. Not the softest hands. Fan of "fun, elaborate golf outfits" (his words). Lover of crushed ice. Listen to Joey tell the story of how he met and befriended Bob.
  • Fat Perez
    • Real name: Nick Stubbe
    • Nicknames: FP, Leland
    • Social: Twitter / Instagram
      Incredible golfer, a plus-handicapper, by far the best of the gang. Fat Perez is a nickname derived from former PGA Tour player Pat Perez. Grew up in Richmond, Virginia. Played division III golf at Hampden-Sydney College, transferred to University of Richmond, and transferred again to VCU. Worked as an accountant after graduating, and also in commercial real estate management. Fan of the Eurostep. Fountain orange Gatorade enthusiast. Had salami for the first time in July 2023 - loves it. Met Bob & Joe during a group zoom meeting for BrilliantlyDumb Patreon supporters. Listen to FP tell the origin story himself.
  • Binny the Jet
    • Real name: Benjamin Shicker
    • Nicknames: Binyamin / The Jet / Benyamin / Yamin
    • Social: Instagram
      Cameraman and video producer for the show. His name is technically pronounced Binyumin - in Hebrew - he discussed it on the podcast. Grew up in Chicago. Caddied as a kid at Bryn Mawr CC. Earned "The Jet" nickname by editing videos so quickly. Has been with Bob since the beginning of the journey. Lands the most bombs in their private group chat. Listen to Binyamin tell his Bob Does Sports origin story.
  • Big Ticket
    • Real name: Neil Arnet
    • Nicknames: Tick, Par-3 Papi, Demo reel Neil
    • Social: Instagram
      Cameraman and video editor. Ticket describes the amazing origin of his nickname in this video. Former whitewater rafting guide. A global man of mystery who spent time in Peru, Cambodia, Thailand, and Chile during high school summers. Built like a shetland pony, according to Cutsy. Hates seeing himself on video. Thinks shorts look ridiculous on men. Notoriously stingy with praise for the gang's approach shots.

The unofficial Bob Does Sports glossary

53 entries and counting.

  • Am I in the frame? - Something Joey's frequently concerned about at the beginning of many podcast episodes.
  • Avery - New cameraman helping out with filming episodes. And sometimes food delivery assistant.
  • Back 9 Chuck - Friend of Bob's featured on the BrilliantlyDumb channel. Gets brought up from time to time on Bob Does Sports. Here he is at Pinehurst.
  • Bagels - Bob's favorite food. Starts almost everyday off with one, and most golf rounds. Tons of merch in their store is bagel-related.
  • Bangarang Rufio! - A favorite saying of Joey after he (or his squad) hits good shots. Bangarang is the battle cry of the Lost Boys in Steven Spielberg's 1991 movie Hook, a tale about Peter Pan. Sometimes, Cutsy will just say Bangarang, and sometimes he'll add the Rufio for emphasis. Sponsor DraftKings even had a fake Bangarang Rufio prop bet. Rufio was the leader of the Lost Boys. BTW, the cult classic movie had a crazy cast, including Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts, Dame Maggie Smith, Phil Collins, and more.
    A collection of bangarangs from Joey Cold Cuts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Big Ticket's dance moves - It's awesome to see Ticket in front of the camera rather than behind it - he's an amazing addition to the core cast. His energy & personality hit at a different angle than the rest of the guys, and when he's celebrating, all is right with the world. Some examples: 1, 2, 3
  • Big Wave Dave - Nickname for David Pelekoudas, PGA Tour caddie and friend of the program. Caddie for Beau Hossler, among others. He played with the fellas against Beau in this video, and Perez played against him one on one too. Dave's Instagram.
  • Beau Hossler - The first Tour pro that made a video with Bob Does Sports. Beau uses a Fat Perez ball marker on tour.
  • Bobby Fairways - A nickname Bob earned after he played 36 holes one day and hit zero fairways.
  • Breezy - An apparel brand started by the Bob Does Sports crew. Launched on November 23, 2022.
  • Breezy Invitational - A series of Bob Does Sports golf tournaments held in Miami, New York, Phoenix, and other cities. So far, the cost to enter has been $750 per person for these events. Some think that's a bit steep, but they sell out quickly. FP actually responded in that Reddit thread, clarifying some things about the events, including the fact that the Invitational isn't just a round of golf. It's 3 days long.
  • Brick in fairway - A reference to the most popular BDS video, when Bob tricks Cutsy into playing Links at Victoria, the "worst course in America" according to Bob. Cutsy finds a brick in the middle of the fairway. The gang brings this up from time to time.
  • BrilliantlyDumb - The social media operation Bob ran before starting Bob Does Sports. Started on Instagram, then YouTube. Joey contributed to this from the start. Bob had about 250,000 followers on the BrilliantlyDumb Instagram when he quit working at the Four Seasons.
  • Caesar salad wraps - Bob's favorite salad is Caesar, and he's addicated to Caesar wraps. Chicken Caesar wraps are a way of life at the turn. Bob casually crushes wraps throughout the hundreds of videos on the channel. He specifically mentioned the Moorpark Country Club chicken caesar wrap is his favorite golf course food in the world. Here's a Bob in a state of euphoric bliss giving a full review of the the wrap at Moorpark, using phrases like "hits like a motherfucker" and "crouton/chicken/romaine ratio is right on the money."
  • Cameo - Bob has said he makes like 30 to 50 cameos a day for fans. Most are for $95, some are more expensive for quicker delivery. On occasion, he is the #1 most popular/prolific Cameo producer.
  • Cameramen almost getting drilled - Jet, Big Ticket, and now Avery have the tough and dangerous job of filming the golf shots of the Bob Does Sports crew. There's been some close calls, and even contact before. Ticket almost got walloped at Viniterra, but lived to tell the tale afterward. Then this close encounter at Black Gold Golf Club. Unfortunately, FP nailed Avery at Whistler Golf Club, on Avery's very first video with the boys. Rookie hazing.
  • Cameron Kadison - Bob’s manager. Partner at Mortar Media.
  • Crushed ice - One of Cutsy's favorite things in life.
  • Debbie the drone - The name of Fat Perez's drone. Interestingly enough, production gurus Binyamin and Big Ticket aren't the primary drone operators; Perez is. Joey once wondered if Debbie was getting a sibling. Sometimes she gets tired after a long day on the course. Joey's grown quite an attachment to Debbie, worrying about her getting left behind. Unfortunately, there's been some drone incidents, like when Big Ticket ran over Debbie. The fellas spoke fondly of her in memoriam. And in fact, there have been multiple Debbies. And Fat Perez crashed Grant Horvat's drone into a tree during their one on one match.
  • Demo reel Neil - The original nickname for Big Ticket. They didn't love it, and as soon as Neil told them the "big ticket" story, the new nickname stuck.
  • Doing Things Media - Parent company of Bob Does Sports, run by Reid Hailey Jr. and Derek Lucas. Doing Things isn't a frequent discussion topic on Bob Does Sports but they do get an occasional shout out.
  • Eurostep move - Fat Perez's signature celebration after sinking a big putt. Here's the very first one he did on the channel. A deeper exploration of when it's appropriate. Other athletes have gotten in on the action too, like JJ Watt and Josh Allen. There's even been a double Eurostep. German long-drive madlad Martin Borgmeier did a crazy one. Learn more about the Eurostep, first introduced to the NBA in 1989 by Šarūnas Marčiulionis.
    A collection of Fat Perez eurosteps: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
  • Fireball - A cinnamon-flavored whiskey drink used by the crew on occasion for challenges.
  • Garage door incident - While the gang was in Palm Springs, Joey tried to get out of a garage while the door was closing. It didn't go well for him. He attempted to jump over the safety laser, but in doing so cracked his head on the closing garage door. The footage and post-mortem discussion are a must-watch. Luckily he wasn't hurt. Ticket filmed the whole thing, to Bob's delight.
  • Giuseppe D - One of Joey's many nicknames. Giuseppe is the name Joseph in Italian. Bob heard Joe's mom call him Giuseppe once and the rest was history. Bob loved it too much, and Grant Horvat got a hold of it, and never looked back.
  • Glizzy - Slang for hot dog.
  • Hands - Joey doesn't have the softest hands on the planet. In fact, they remind me of the hands of another golf legend. Cutsy struggles with catching stuff and Bob hazes him about it a lot. Here's six examples in one video alone.
    Some other examples: 1, 2, 3. I woulda caught it. Kobe.
  • Happy Hour - In the earlier days of the BrilliantlyDumb show on Instagram, Bob had a Patreon setup for fans. One of the Patreon benefits was a regular Zoom Happy Hour, where Bob, Joey, and other show participants would interact with the supporters. They reference these old happy hours a decent amount. Fat Perez was a Patreon supporter and met Bob through one of these happy hours. Listen to him tell the story.
  • Have a day - Bob's main catchphrase and life philosophy. It appears on tons of merch in their store.
  • Hole in one - There hasn't been a hole-in-one yet on the Bob Does Sports channel, but the gang talks about it a lot in anticipation.
  • Jersey Jerry - Close friend of Bob's. Huge Steelers fan. Helped start the BrilliantlyDumb show with Bob. He ended up going to Barstool. Here's his emotional official goodbye video on BrilliantlyDumb where he announced his move to Barstool. His Twitter and Instagram.
  • Joey running on the golf course - Occasionally Joey channels his inner Usain Bolt during a round and takes off sprinting. Generally his playing partners are somewhat mystified at the speed burst. But like any world class athlete pushing the boundaries of human ability, his next-level breakaway speed sometimes leads to injuries.
    A few examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Joey's wedge shots - If you've watched any golf on this channel, it's no secret Joey struggles with his wedges. Perhaps it's related to his hands of stone. Hitting it thin, fat, bunker issues, etc. The struggles led to a wedge intervention at Callaway for him.
    A collection of misfires: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
  • Keegan Bradley - Second PGA Tour pro to make a video with Bob. (First was Beau Hossler).
  • Knighting - When Fat Perez knights you, it means good things are happening. I wish they did this more often, it's hilarious. A couple of examples from Independence Golf Club in Midlothian, VA.
  • Larry Bird - Fat Perez had a pet duck in college named Larry Bird. As one does, of course. It got brought up because the gang stayed at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, which has an indoor duck fountain and duck march. FP has a duck-themed ball marker with Larry Bird on it.
  • Lauren Pacheco - Bob's ex-girlfriend. She was prominently featured on the BrilliantlyDumb channel but has not appeared on Bob Does Sports. She is a full-time golf influencer now, churning out content on her Instagram and Tik Tok accounts. Now married to Omega Accounting Solutions founder Jay Woods.
  • Leland - Fat Perez's middle name. When they reference Leland, they're talking about his very drunk alter ego. First mentioned in the March 15, 2023 BDS podcast.
  • Links at Victoria - The infamous course that Bob took Joey to in the classic prank video. Due to the popularity of said video, the fellas mention the course on occasion, and it's the butt of a lot of jokes. The track in Carson, California has a poor reputation stemming from it's brutal fairways and overall poor conditions. To the club's credit, they own up to it on their website. It says "Victoria has always been known for its excellent layout and true rolling greens but has lacked in quality fairway conditions. Due to infrastructure issues under the surface with drainage and irrigation, there is not a quick fix to the fairways. However, the overall course remains very fun to play and with the addition of new specialized equipment to improve drainage in the works, better turf grass growth on fairways is ahead. In the interim the greens are great, the pace of play is good, the beer is cold and the new practice facility is terrific."
  • Matty Rigatoni - Friend of Bob's from growing up in New Jersey. Big Buffalo Bills fan. Featured prominently in one of the earliest BDS videos , when they went to a Bills game in 2021. He's the one jumping through a table in the beginning. Here's a Matty Rigatoni supercut from that episode.
  • Nicky Smigs - Friend of Bob's, comedian and impressionist Nick Smeriglio.
  • Ole Miss - Nickname for the University of Mississippi and the setting for one of the earliest videos on the channel, when Bob went down to Oxford, Mississippi to document the madness of a college football weekend. It frequently comes up as one of the wildest and most fun weekends he and the Jet ever had.
  • Par 3 Papi - Nickname for the Big Ticket. Hear him explain it a bit. They've embraced the nickname big time. An explanation, of sorts, from Fat Perez. This Papi Time interlude was a nice touch.
  • Rao’s restaurant - Bob's favorite restaurant in Los Angeles. He spends a lot of time there. Big fan of the Chicken Milanese. Even counts on Rao's for personal hygiene.
  • Reid Haley Jr. - Co-founder of Doing Things Media, the parent company of Bob Does Sports. He golfs with the guys and appears in the background of some videos, but never as an active voice. He posts on the BobDoesSports subreddit on occasion, discussing the channel. His Instagram and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Rufio! - See Bangarang Rufio above.
  • Scotty Box Office - Nickname for Keegan Bradley's caddie, Scott Vail. Vail was Brandt Snedeker's caddie for over a decade and helped him win the 2012 Fedex Cup before switching to Keegan's bag. Vail is from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Bob Does Sports sponsors him on tour and he wears a Have a day hat.
  • Sick / Sick Puppy - A favorite phrase of the BDS crew, usually used when someone's hitting great shots. Some examples: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Tracers - The shot tracers on Bob Does Sports are great, and they've improved a ton since the channel first started. However, the best tracers on BDS don't track golf balls -- they track other stuff, like divots, tees, and clubs.
  • Transfusion - A popular cocktail containing vodka, ginger ale, grape juice, and lime juice. Probably the fellas' favorite drink on the golf course. They were drinking these in the earliest golf videos on the channel. The official drink of golf, according to Keegan Bradley.
  • Will Smith - Closest celebrity friendship Bob had while working at the hotels.
  • Windex ads - When Bob was growing the BrilliantlyDumb channel, he didn't have any sponsors but wanted some to build and sustain the business. Sponsorships were difficult to get without any track record, so Bob did fake ad reads for Windex on his podcast to gain legitimacy. Windex never paid him or even knew he was promoting them. But real sponsors thought it was a legit brand deal, which he leveraged to get actual, paid sponsors.
  • You’re gonna like the way you look - Sometimes the fellas say this after a nice shot. It's a callback to the old 2000's Men's Wearhouse ads -- that was their slogan. Some examples: 1, 2, 3
What else did I miss? I'm sure there's a lot. Let me know!

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