About GolfScout

Welcome to GolfScout! I'm Alex. GolfScout is a one man operation and started in May 2022. I've lived in Chicago for 25 years and played hundreds of rounds of golf in the area. There's so much amazing golf to play around here, but I haven't found a site that really catalogs each hole in detail. Or any other facet of a course, for that matter.

I thought it would be fun to document the courses I play by photographing different aspects of each property. Golf holes, pro shops, driving ranges, practice greens -- everything that matters to a player. Hopefully this helps other golfers trying to find suitable courses to play that fit their style.

I take photos with my phone and enhance them slightly to adjust white balance, color, clarity, etc. I also try to remove people from the photos, such as my playing partners. And faces are always blurred out if they are in a photo. Don't worry; I play fast and take photos even faster. These photos never slow down a round for me, my group, or anyone behind us.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

golfscoutnet (at) gmail (dot) com